Realization of THz Band Mixer Using Graphene

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E. Ghasemi Mizuji
A. Abdolali
F. Aghamohamadi
M. Danaeifar
S. Hashemi
K. Nikooei Tehrani


In this article a new method for creating mixer component in infrared and THz is suggested. Since the nonlinear property of admittance creates frequency components that do not exist in the input signal and the electrical conductivity is associated with admittance, in our work we have proven and simulated that the nonlinear property of graphene admittance can produce mixer component. The simulation results show that the mixer component is larger than other components, therefore the mixer works properly. Because of nano scale of graphene structure, this method paves the road to achieve super compact circuits.


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Ghasemi Mizuji, E., Abdolali, A., Aghamohamadi, F., Danaeifar, M., Hashemi, S., & Nikooei Tehrani, K. (2014). Realization of THz Band Mixer Using Graphene. Advanced Electromagnetics, 3(1), 15–19.
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