Effects of RF/MW Exposure from Mobile-phone Base-Stations on the Growth of Green Mint Plant using Chl a Fluorescence Emission

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S. T. Kafi
A. M. Ahmed
M. K. Sabah-Alkhair
D. A. Mohamed
R. S. Ahmed
Z. O. Hassaan


We report on the effects of RF/MW on plants.Green Mint plant exposed to different levels ofradiation (from 0.5 to 10.5 μW/cm2) for thispurpose. A USB2000 spectrophotometer wasused to record fluorescence signals from intactleaves.Spectroscopic data (P.I.R and A.R)together with vegetative data (leafdimensions and weight), revealed stressingeffects on plant due to RF/MW in all groupsexcept the control which was free of exposure.


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Kafi, S. T., Ahmed, A. M., Sabah-Alkhair, M. K., Mohamed, D. A., Ahmed, R. S., & Hassaan, Z. O. (2014). Effects of RF/MW Exposure from Mobile-phone Base-Stations on the Growth of Green Mint Plant using Chl a Fluorescence Emission. Advanced Electromagnetics, 3(1), 11–14. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v3i1.184
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S. T. Kafi, Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Al-Neelain University, Khartoum, Sudan Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Al-Baha University, Kingdom Saudi Arabia

department of medical physics

A. M. Ahmed, Alneelain university -Faculty of science and technology department of medical physic

department of medical physics


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