New SERS-active junction based on cerium dioxide facet dielectric films for biosensing

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I. Kurochkin
I. Ryzhikov
A. Sarychev
K. Afanasiev
I. Budashov
M. Sedova
I. Boginskaya
S. Amitonov
A. Lagarkov


Further enhance of the Raman scattering is the priority for the development of the modern molecular diagnostic methods. Expected increasing in detection sensitivity of the biological and chemical agents provides substantial progress in such areas as: proteomics (discovery of new disease markers), pharmacokinetics of drugs, analysis of toxins and infections agents, drug analysis, food safety, and environmental safety.

In this paper we investigated the possibility of the facet structures, based on cerium dioxide to further enhance the SERS signal. During the studies a new metamaterial was developed. The metamaterial is based on the facet cerium dioxide films and plasmonic nanoparticles that are immobilized on its surface. The new metamaterial provides additional SERS signal amplification factor of 211. Thus developed material offers the prospect of increasing the sensitivity and selectivity of biochemical and immunological analysis.


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Kurochkin, I., Ryzhikov, I., Sarychev, A., Afanasiev, K., Budashov, I., Sedova, M., Boginskaya, I., Amitonov, S., & Lagarkov, A. (2014). New SERS-active junction based on cerium dioxide facet dielectric films for biosensing. Advanced Electromagnetics, 3(1), 57–60.
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I. Kurochkin, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Faculty of Chemistry, Prof.


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