Two-layered Dual-band Perfect Metamaterial Absorber at K band Frequency

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M. C. Tran
T. T. H. Phuong


This paper presents a study of a novel absorber structure based on two-dielectric-layers, two perfect absorption frequency bands at K band (f1 = 26.5 GHz and f2 = 28.6 GHz) go under observance. The study of the dependence of absorption and frequency on relative distance between the layers of material and the material structure parameters are discussed. 


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Tran, M. C., & Phuong, T. T. H. (2018). Two-layered Dual-band Perfect Metamaterial Absorber at K band Frequency. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(2), 25–27.
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M. C. Tran, Hanoi National University of Education

Faculty of Physics



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