Crossover Frequency and Transmission-Line Matrix Formalism of Electromagnetic Shielding Properties of Laminated Conductive Sheets

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S. M. Benhamou
M. Hamouni
F. Ould-Kaddour


This paper proposes an approach to calculate the crossover frequency of each layer in the multilayered shield and subsequently that of structure constructed by n layers. This important frequency provides a useful approximation for field penetration in a conductor. It is used in a wide variety of calculations. It is in this context that a simplification of the transmission-line matrix formalism for laminated conductive sheets is done using this frequency. Two ranges of frequency are considered: lower and higher than the crossover frequency. Simples formulas and easy to use of the reflection loss, the internal reflection, the absorption loss and the electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of laminated shield are obtained. Analysis is carried out for the study of two shields: i) single shield of carbon nanotube polymer composites (CNTs), ii) multilayered shield constructed with Nickel–carbon nanotube polymer composites–Aluminum (Ni–CNTs–Al).


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Benhamou, S. M., Hamouni, M., & Ould-Kaddour, F. (2018). Crossover Frequency and Transmission-Line Matrix Formalism of Electromagnetic Shielding Properties of Laminated Conductive Sheets. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(2), 28–35.
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