A Compact Broad-band UHF RFID Tag Loaded with Triangular SRR Arrays

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A. K. K. John
T. Mathew


A novel compact planar UHF RFID tag with broadband operation and enhanced read range characteristics are presented. The structure of the tag consists of a T- matched dipole antenna whose arms are orthogonally loaded with Triangular SRR arrays. Triangular SRR arms loaded in the structure produce compactness and good impedance matching which is needed for maximizing the read range. The measured results shows that the projected tag shows a highest read range of 9.6 meter in the European UHF RFID band of 866 MHz and significantly better read range in the other UHF RFID bands in the 860-930 MHz range . Measured read range differences over the azimuth and elevation angular ranges are also suggested.


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John, A. K. K., & Mathew, T. (2018). A Compact Broad-band UHF RFID Tag Loaded with Triangular SRR Arrays. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(2), 48–52. https://doi.org/10.7716/aem.v7i2.622
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