Performance Analysis of Different Indoor Ultra Wide Band Channel Indicators

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A. Sorrentino
L. Mucchi
S. Cappa
M. Migliaccio


In this paper, performance of different indicators for the profiling of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) wireless propagation channel are analyzed. In particular, the γ-indicator and the kurtosis index k are compared in terms of the standard error. In order to improve the accuracy in the kurtosis case, results of the bootstrap error procedure are also accomplished. Further, an evaluation on the computational time needed for error estimation, is also provided. The comparison is made according to a real set of data derived from UWB measurement campaign accomplished within a modern laboratory/office building in which the two above mentioned indicators have been evaluated.


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Sorrentino, A., Mucchi, L., Cappa, S., & Migliaccio, M. (2018). Performance Analysis of Different Indoor Ultra Wide Band Channel Indicators. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(2), 13–18.
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