New Compact Wideband Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications

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S. Shandal
Y. S. Mezaal
M. Kadim
M. Mosleh


In this paper, a miniature rectangular microstrip antenna over partial ground plane is presented by utilizing a space-filling property of fractal geometry in this design. It is simulated by High Frequency Software Simulator (HFSS) software, fabricated and tested by Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).Two types of slots are introduced in order to enhance antenna parameters such as bandwidth and return loss S1.1. This antenna is fabricated on FR4 substrate with a small size of (18 x 16 x 1.5) mm3, 1.5mm substrate thickness, 4.3 permittivity and 0.02 loss tangent. To feed this antenna,  microstrip line feed is used. This antenna is implemented for wide bandwidth (4.8-11.6) GHz, and has three resonant frequencies at 5.5GHz, 8.3GHz and 10.7GHz with impedance bandwidth of 6.8GHz. The gap value g between partial ground plane and rectangular patch at top layer is optimized in order to achieve optimal simulated return loss S1.1 is (-46,-32,-14) dB at three resonant frequencies (5.5, 8.3, 10.7) GHz and optimal radiation efficiency of 93.42% with gain of 3.63dB. The simulated results have tolerable agreement with measured results. This antenna is suitable for wireless computer applications within  C and X band  communications.


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Shandal, S., Mezaal, Y. S., Kadim, M., & Mosleh, M. (2018). New Compact Wideband Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications. Advanced Electromagnetics, 7(4), 85–92.
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