Published: 2016-09-28

Frequency Behavior of Conformal Wire Structures

G. Leone, F. Mattiello, G. Ruvio, R. Pierri


Analysis of Reflector Antennas in Radio Telescopes

K. H. Yeap, M. C. Loh, C. Y. Tham, C. Y. Yiam, K. C. Yeong, K. C. Lai


Patch Antenna based on a Photovoltaic Cell with a Dual resonance Frequency

C. Baccouch, D. Bouchouicha, H. Sakli, T. Aguili


Broadband TE10 to TE20 Mode Transformer for X Band

D. Passi, A. Leggieri, Rocco Citroni, F. Di Paolo


Synthesis of Steered Flat-top Beam Pattern Using Evolutionary Algorithm

D. Mandal, K. S. Kola, J. Tewary, V. P. Roy, A. K. Bhattacharjee