This special issue contains selected papers from those presented at Advanced Electromagnetics Symposium (AES 2012), held in Paris, France from 16-19 April 2012.

Published: 2012-05-14

All-dielectric photonic metamaterials operating beyond the homogenization regime

K. V. Do, X. Le Roux, C. Caer, D. Morini, L. Vivien, E. Cassan


A compact dual-band dual-port diversity antenna for LTE

L. Mouffok, A. C. Lepage, J. Sarrazin, X. Begaud


Broadband impedance spectroscopy of some Li+ and Vo** conducting solid electrolytes

A. F. Orliukas, O. Bohnke, A. Kežionis, S. Kazlauskas, V. Venckutė, D. Petrulionis, T. Žukauskas, T. Šalkus, A. Dindune, Z. Kanepe, J. Ronis, V. Kunigelis


On the Evaluation of the Shielding Effectiveness of Electrically Large Enclosure

A. Gifuni, A. Sorrentino, A. Fanti, G. Ferrara, M. Migliaccio, G. Mazzarella, F. Corona


A nonlinear model for AC induced corrosion

N. Ida, Y. Le Menach, X. Shan, J. Payer