Published: 2020-02-07

High Order Relaxation Methods for Co-simulation of Finite Element and Circuit Solvers

J. D. Nshimiyimana, F. Plumier, C. Ndagije, J. Gyselinck, C. Geuzain


A Compact Wide Bandpass Filter for Satellite Communications with Improved Out-of-Band Rejection

B. Ait Ahmed, A. Naghar, O. Aghzout, A. Vazquez Alejos, F. Falcone


A Design of MIMO Prototype in C-Band Frequency for Future Wireless Communications

N. M. K. Al-Ani, O. A. S. Al-Ani, M. F. Mosleh, R. A. Abd-Alhameed


Size Miniaturized Coaxial Probe Fed Antenna for Multiband Applications

B. Heydarpanah, C. Ghobadi, J. Nourinia, P. Beigi, M. Majidzadeh